Postscript to Glynneath Cadets visit to Paris

As a postscript to my blog about the Glynneath Cadets visit to Paris to see Wales play France at Rugby in 1946, I asked the question  whether anyone knew the names of the  two Glynneath Cadets who climbed the posts at the start of the match to plant their leeks on top...

Tales of the “Craig Nedd” Riverbank:

I moved to 32 Craig Nedd, Glynneath on New Years Eve 1955 when I was 1 1/2 years old. The council estate we lived on had all new houses and flats and there were an abundance of recently married couples with their young children moving in at the same time as us. The...

Edward Davies a Glynneath man who died during WW2

Edward Davies Glynneath man who died in WW2. The second instalment of my blog is about a relative who was killed during the 2nd World War, I think it`s important that we keep their memories alive as they gave the ultimate sacrifice to make our world a safer place to...