A couple of new developments for this site:

The first is that the Glynneath and Cwmgwrach Historical Society has created a link in their web site to this web site, and I have also reciprocated by including their web site link in the Link page. ( I will in future also include other links to sites I think may be of interest to people.)

Over the last few months I have been adding my fathers name to the photographs he has taken so that people can identify which pictures he has taken himself,  with regard to the other picture in his collection again I have added a comment to this effect.

I would like to point out that the photos in the collection have been donated by many people over the years, most notably Glyn Davies, Richard Evans, and Tom Pritchard and if I have missed anyone out then please accept my apologies.

Glyn`s link to my father goes back many years and I know Glyn has donated many hundreds of photo`s to my father and in return my father has donated many photos to the excellent books “Reflections of a Bygone Century” compiled by Glyn regarding the Upper Neath Valley and Resolven and District. I believe the photos shown in this web site compliments the work carried out by Glyn and I would like to mention that Glyn has recently given his permission for me to show the photos he donated to my father in this web site, so a massive thanks to Glyn.

A word to the future of this web site perhaps:

In the coming months I would like to start writing short “blogs” to give some of the story behind some of  these pictures. If anyone else would like to contribute something regarding any of the pictures on this site then they would be gratefully received and I could also show these on the site. You can use the Contact Page on the site to get in touch with me.